Energy healing in the form of Flower Essences and Consulting by Peggy Matzen does not constitute medical consultation, treatment or therapy. Clients are responsible for continuing their own medical treatments and seeking the counsel of a licensed therapist or other medical professionals if necessary.

Peggy Matzen promises clients that all information provided during professional consultations will be kept as confidential as the laws permit. Peggy respects the client’s willingness to be truthful and will treat this information as special confidence. Please note that as a consultant, Peggy does not have client-consultant communication “privilege” as a clergyman or lawyer may under the law.

Peggy Matzen does not guarantee help during the consultations. As with any investment, there are both great potentials for a return on investment or risk there is no return on this investment. The consultant/coach guarantees usable and translatable strategies for wellness that, when followed by others, have achieved life-changing results.