Bach Flower Remedies

The 38 Remedies

Flower RemedyNegative EmotionsPositive Possibilities

Mental torture behind a cheerful face – people who appear to be carefree, but it is a mask for worries and even real inner torment. Agrimony encourages the positive potential to open up, as well as communicate your real feelings. For those who hide a mountain of thoughts and inner turmoil behind their smile. Leave emotional discomfort in the past; face your emotion freely.
Anxious feelings with no known cause. Fear of unknown things anxiousness, or worries for no specific reason. Aspen encourages the positive potential to maintain a state of inner peace and security, regaining assurance of mind. For when apprehensions consume your mind, and unsettling feelings leave you on edge. Face the unknown with your head held high, and take on any moment throughout your day with confidence.
Intolerance of other people’s shortcomings. Sometimes they feel they are always in the right and everyone else is in the wrong. Beech encourages the positive potential to see the good in others despite imperfections, to release rigid attitudes, and build a sense of compassion. Ideal when meeting with people you know who get under your skin. Maintain a sense of tolerance, make allowances, and strengthen your relationships.
Inability to say “no”. They let themselves be imposed on and even bullied by others. Can be timid, quiet, passive and anxious to please. Drained by others and out of touch with their own assertiveness, they lack energy and tire easily. Centaury encourages the positive potential to not deny your own needs. You can express and defend your opinions, uninfluenced by others. For when you are finding yourself drained by others, struggling to say no, and feel imposed on. Follow your own path unconstrained by others’ thoughts and feelings. Prevent weak-willed and subservient tendencies; don’t be scared to say “No.”
Lack of trust in one’s own decision making. They actually know what they want but seek advice and confirmation from others and at times misguidedly follow someones else advice instead of trusting their own intuitiveness. 

Cerato encourages the positive potential to encourage strength of mind, find trust in your own inner wisdom, and follow it. Stop doubting yourself, be more decisive and self-assured.
Cherry Plum
Fear of the mind giving way and/or losing control of their behavior. Cherry Plum encourages the positive potential to find clarity in chaotic moments and to think rationally. In life, there may be hectic times when you feel like you might lose control, during those times extra support is vital to regaining courage, and start to see the lighter side. Stay cool, act rationally, and be in control.
Chestnut Bud
Failure to learn from mistakes. They make the same choices over and over again with a negative outcome. Chestnut Bud encourages the positive potential to learn from past mistakes, gain knowledge and wisdom to move forward in life. For those who wish to stop making the same mistake over and over. Brings insight to your every day and helps you learn from past difficulties.
Selfish, possessive love. Being overly-possessive/ protective. They dislike being alone and demand constant attention.  Chicory encourages the positive potential to selflessly take a step back and care for others without expecting anything in return. Care for the ones you love without becoming manipulative or overprotective. Take a step back, and love unconditionally.
Dreaming of the future without working in the present. Daydreaming, zoning out, inability to focus. Clematis encourages the positive potential to find concentration, and stay focused on the task at hand. Combat dreaminess and find interest in daily tasks. Leave daydreaming for times when life is not full of things you need to get done.
Crab Apple
The cleansing remedy for mind and body. May have poor self-image, and overly focus on imperfections. Crab Apple encourages the positive potential to embrace your body and mind, and accept your imperfections. Obsessive thoughts over imperfections can lead to a poor self-image and a feeling of uncleanliness. Learn to accept yourself.
Overwhelmed by responsibilities.Elm encourages the positive potential of self-assurance, keeping perspective, and returning to efficiency. Struggling to keep perspective leads to a sense of being overwhelmed. Don’t get overwhelmed: handle hectic days.
Discouraged and depressed when things go wrong or when faced with difficulties. The depression is from an identifiable source.  Good progress in illness or life is happening, but they are easily disheartened by small setbacks. It is also useful for children discouraged about their schoolwork.

Gentian encourages the positive potential to put mistakes in context, cope with setbacks, pessimism, and negative outlooks. From small upsets to large difficulties, and when challenges build up, keep Gentian at hand. Approach all challenges with conviction.
Extreme hopelessness and despair – there is no light at the end of the tunnel and all hope is lost. Gorse encourages the positive potential to regain the willpower to fight on, regaining faith and hope. In times when you need to find the sunshine at the end of a dark period, don’t give up hope. Feel brighter despite current physical, emotional, or other worldly problems.
Self-centeredness and self-concern with their own situation and unable to enter into genuine two-way communication with others. Quick talkers and do not like to be alone. Heather encourages the positive potential to be heard, assisting you in developing a voice without appearing needy. Having conversations that are two-way and genuine is a vital part of open communication.
Feelings of hatred, envy, suspicious, and jealousy. They find it difficult to open their hearts to love.  Holly is a good remedy for children who are jealous of their siblings. Holly encourages the positive potential to be generous-hearted without making demands. Curb the tendency to be jealous and full of suspicion. Open your mind to others’ lifestyles and needs without judgment.
Living in the past/ over-attachment to past memories. Can be due to loss of loved ones, looking back to happier days, or inability to get over unhappy past experiences Honeysuckle encourages the positive potential to live in the present and not be held back. The past is what makes us who we are; however the ability to move forward in life, without regrets, does not always come easy. Reflect and learn from the past, leaving the regret behind.
Weariness, mental rather than physical. Can wake up doubting their ability to face or deal with the day. That Monday morning feeling. Lack of enthusiasm and may procrastinate. Hornbeam encourages the positive potential to be certain in your ability, and “face the day ahead.” Shake off that “Monday morning feeling,” cope with the demanding day ahead and face whatever obstacles are on your schedule, without hesitation.
Impatience with everything and everyone.  Want everything done instantly. May become irritated with slow co-workers and prefer to work alone. Impatiens encourages the positive potential to think and act in less haste. We all become overly irritable, impatient and nervous from time to time. Find ease in how you deal when life, people, and situations slow you down.
Lack of confidence.  May not even want to try something because they are sure in advance of failure. Secretly aware that they have potential but refuse to acknowledge it. This is a useful remedy before exams, interviews, driving tests, etc. (look at Rescue Remedy too) Larch encourages the positive potential to approach different situations with confidence and determination. Are you nervous to try new things due to a lack of confidence, or need a boost to your self-esteem? Find your inner confidence.
Fear of known things such as: illness, death, accidents, pain, the dark, cold, poverty, other people, animals, etc.  Mimulus is good for shy, timid, sensitive adults and children. Mimulus encourages the positive potential to face your fears and difficulties with courage. Stand up to what fears or difficulties you have. Enjoy your life without living in fear.
Deep gloom for no known reason.  Sudden depression which descends out of the blue overcasting everything and destroying normal cheerfulness. Mustard encourages the positive potential to return to joy. Everyone faces occasional sudden gloomy feelings. When you are feeling down, bring joy back into your daily life.
The plodder who keeps going past the point of exhaustion. They keep going ignoring their tiredness.  Driven by a strong sense of duty and will not let themselves relax if there is work to be done. Oak encourages the positive potential to remain strong while understanding your own limits. When the struggle is real and you are exhausted but push on anyway. Recognize your need to recharge.
Exhaustion in body and mind after a long period of strain through personal difficulties, intense period of study or work, a long illness, or nursing someone else for a long time. The exhaustion is to the point of tears when all reserves have run outOlive encourages the positive potential to revitalize yourself after making an effort. For times when all reserves of inner strength and energy have run out. Let go and allow yourself to revitalize and restore your mental energy.
Guilt and self-reporach. They blame themselves for other people’s mistakes and for anything that goes wrong.  Can appear humble and apologetic and will apologize constantly. Pine encourages the positive potential to accept and respect yourself as you would others. For times when you feel full of guilt and blame yourself for anything, that goes wrong.
Red Chestnut
Over-concern for the welfare of loved ones especially of family and close friends. They fear the worst will happen to them.Red Chestnut encourages the positive potential of peace of mind, to care for others with compassion but without the worry. Often a temporary feeling, anxious thoughts and worries can impact our relationships. Overcome the feeling of anxiety around others, and comfort your mind.
Rock Rose
Terror such as may occur after being in an accident or having a near escape, or from witnessing an accident. When under acute threat – such as a natural disaster, sudden illness, a mugging, etc., there is a sense of frozen fear and helplessness. Rock Rose encourages the positive potential of strong will and courage, especially in the face of emergencies. For times in your life when a sense of panic and helplessness is replaced by calm and courage.
Rock Water
Inflexibility with very high standards for themselves and maybe self-denying to the point of martyrdom. Their thinking is ruled by fixed ideas and dogma regarding subjects like religion, diet, morality, politics, etc. They like to set an example to others because they seek self-perfection and can feel disappointed with themselves if they do not meet their own ideals. Rock Water encourages the positive potential of a flexible attitude when striving for your goals. Stop tying yourself down to inflexible and overly high standards. Open up to new ways of thinking and living
Inability to choose between alternatives especially when faced with a choice of two possibilities. Scleranthus encourages the positive potential of certainty and decisiveness. For those who are viewed as unreliable, moody, and often change their mind when making decisions between two possibilities. Be more spontaneous when making decisions.
Star of Bethlehem
After effects of shock, mental or physical as a result of accidents, bad news, bereavement, sudden disappointments, frights, etc.  It is ideal to take immediately, but the remedy is excellet for delayed effects which may manifest years after the event.  Star of Bethlehem neutralizes the effects of grief and encourages the positive potential of inner strength. Deal with the aftereffects of a life-altering experience. Have comfort and soothe your pain and sorrows.
Sweet Chestnut
Extreme mental anguish can take the form of intense sorrow; sufferers can feel almost destroyed by it.  The future seems bleak and utterly hopeless.
There may be the feeling that God has forsaken them. This state may follow a bereavement, or years of difficulty, suffered bravely and uncomplainingly.

Sweet Chestnut encourages the positive potential of hopefulness. Face extreme feelings of hopeless despair with a clear mind. Regain control over your daily life with peace of mind.
Over-enthusiasm, strong-willed and hold strong views. Sensititve to injustice and dedicated to causes, often self-sacrificially, their over-enthusiasm can be fanatical, so that they alienate potential allies and converts. Can suffer from lack of sleep due to their active minds and inability to relax. Vervain encourages the positive potential of serenity, wisdom and tolerance. Remain enthusiastic towards the world around you while not imposing your views on others.
Assertive and inflexible. They are often very capable, highly gifted and ambitious but they use their gifts to dominate and bully when in the negative state. Vine encourages the positive potential of determination, without domination. Be flexible, expressive and share your opinions without seeming dominant. Lead without intimidation.

Protection from change and unwanted influences. It is the remedy for times of major life changes – teething, puberty, pregnancy, divorce, menopause; changes of job or home; giving up an addiction or breaking away from old ties; aging; regrets caused by change, etc. Walnut encourages the positive potential to move forward and make changes in your life with a sense of constancy. Life is full of change. Instead of being taken off guard, support your mind in learning to adapt. Whether it’s physical, environmental or influential, move forward in life with a sense of consistency.
Water Violet
Proud; aloof.  They are private, sedate people, who will not impose their opinions or wishes on others. When suffering they keep their troubles to themselves. They find it hard to open up to others, finding it easier to retreat behind their calm facade. Water Violet encourages the positive potential to find warmer relationships with others in a calm, relatable way. Allow yourself to reach out and connect with others. Cultivate and connect with the people that surround you.
White Chestnut
Persistent, unwanted thoughts and mental arguments go round and round like a stuck record leading to a troubled mind. 
May be difficult to concentrate during the day, or to sleep at night.

White Chestnut encourages the positive potential to find tranquility and peace of mind. Don’t let those repetitive thoughts cloud your mind and get in the way of your focus. Reclaim your day and cope with the hectic world around you.
Wild Oat
Uncertainty over one’s direction in life.  This remedy is for people who have reached a cross-road in life and are completely undecided as to what to do. Wild Oat is helpful in making important decisions such as choosing a career. Wild Oat encourages the positive potential to decide on the right path for your future. When you are uncertain of what you want in life and are faced with an important decision to make regarding your path. Find inner clarity.
Wild Rose
Resignation; apathy are keywords to describe this remedy. It is indicated for those who are resigned to an unpleasant situation, whether illness, a monotonous life, or dissatisfying work.  Although their situation is unsatisfactory, they make no effort to make any changes. They are resigned rather than depressed. Wild Rose encourages the positive potential for enthusiasm and a lively interest in life. Reignite your passion for life, and find enthusiasm for the world in general, work, and those you care about. Take initiative, and make some changes.
Willow encourages the positive potential to forgive and forget past injustices and enjoy life. Combat negativity, the consequences of resentment, and regain a sense of humor when life presents shortcomings. Don’t be a victim, control your own destiny.

Self-pity, resentment, bitterness. They have feelings of being short-changed by life – ‘I don’t deserve this. Why should it happen to me?’ When stuck in the negative Willow state they begrudge other people’s good luck, health, happiness or success. Willow encourages the positive potential to forgive and forget past injustices and enjoy life. Combat negativity, the consequences of resentment, and regain a sense of humor when life presents shortcomings. Don’t be a victim, control your own destiny.


RESCUE REMEDY®** delivers the emergency remedy formula, a combination of five individual flower remedies, specifically chosen to help combat stress, and create a sense of calm and emotional wellbeing in your everyday life. Those five remedies are:

Rock Rose: for fearlessness. Don’t get overwhelmed by intimidating situations — embrace them with courage. The positive potential of Rock Rose is courage and presence of mind

Impatiens: for patience. Feeling frustrated by slow progress or irritating problems? Need to think before you act? The positive potential of Impatiens is less hastiness in thought and action.

Clematis: for focus. Perfect for busy work days or exams, especially if you are prone to daydreaming. The positive potential of Clematis is a lively interest in the world around you.

Star of Bethlehem: for comfort. Don’t let a difficult experience hold you back. The positive potential of Star of Bethlehem is being strong.

Cherry Plum: for composure. Keep you cool and maintain an inner sense of calm. The positive potential of Cherry Plum is serenity and the ability to think and act rationally.

RESCUE REMEDY® is still made using the original methods developed by Dr. Bach over 80 years ago and features the original Dr. Bach signature — a guarantee that our remedies are sourced from the original gardens and sites discovered by Dr. Bach. It is a completely natural alternative to many stress relief medications, working in harmony with your body to restore emotional balance and inner calm, and can be taken alongside any of the other 38 remedies.

Whatever the day throws at you — a challenging agenda at work, school exams, or balancing the demands of a busy family life — you can keep on top of things with RESCUE REMEDY® This world-famous flower blend is trusted by millions of people who feel a little more confident knowing they’ve got their RESCUE REMEDY® tucked away in their bag or desk.