Bach Flower Remedies

Edward Bach used his training and experience in bacteriology, vaccine therapy, and homeopathy to lead him to a totally new philosophy of wellness. The culmination of his work was the creation of the 38 Bach flower remedies known as the Bach flower essences and Bach flowers.

Formative years

Edward Bach was born at Moseley, near Birmingham, in 1886 and trained as a doctor in London. For several years he worked investigating the role of bacteriology in chronic disease. His researches led him to recognize that there were clear personality types related to the various patterns of ill health, irrespective of the physical symptoms being presented by the patient. Working with vaccine therapy and later with homeopathic remedies, he moved towards the discovery of flower remedies.

Discovery of the Essences

By 1930 he was prepared to give up his successful medical practice in order to search for the plants and trees that came to be known as The Twelve Healers & Other Remedies. Each flower was found to embody the positive and harmonizing force for a negative emotional state, be it fear, resentment or despair. In order to transfer this healing force to a patient, Bach prepared essences from the flowers. This essence, diluted to some extent, could then be taken as a medicine. He found that as the negative emotions were balanced it restored his patients to a state of peace and harmony.

Personal Bach Flower Consultations are available to customize a remedy bottle to your personal needs. Approximately lasting an hour, the consultation includes your remedy bottle.

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